Expecting During Home Quarantine? Do These Entertaining Things

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A big hello to all expecting ladies in Peterborough! Stay at home to be safe! Due to COVID-19 outbreak, our lives have been turned upside down and we are greatly hoping for normalcy. As all of us are locked inside our dwellings we have limited sources of entertainment. Now, we can’t even go out to meet our friends. Pregnant ladies are only allowed to go out for their ultrasound baby scan clinic and OB-GYN doctor’s appointments. So, yes, it’s a boring time for even beautiful pregnant mommas. Nonetheless, social distancing is indeed the right approach to prevent Coronavirus.

Don’t worry, all’s not lost. Today, I’m about to share some entertaining things you can do if you’re pregnant and on home quarantine. So, let’s get started!

Try Out Different Outfits

Have you ever felt that you’re not attractive anymore due to your growing weight? Well, sweetheart, don’t feel like that! You’re beautiful in your own way and it’s time to flaunt it! Try different outfits at home to entertain yourself during the home quarantine.

Take Silly Selfies

‘Tis the time to be hygienic and silly! It’s not the time to take boring sophisticated selfies. Be goofy and most importantly be yourself while taking selfies. Once I start taking selfies I lose track of time so yeah try it to entertain yourself.

Time for Netflix Spree

Netflix has become bread and butter during this digital world. If you don’t have Netflix subscription then you’re of course behind your time. Netflix is the biggest source of entertainment during this home quarantine. Go on a Netflix spree to never feel bored again.

Become A Culinary Artist

Cooking is a basic life skill and everyone should know it. Well, make the most of your home quarantine and try out new recipes with limited supplies. Who knows, you might become a part of MasterChef UK after everything turns normal!

Organize A Home Tea Party

Obviously, you can’t call your friends to your house. But no worries, you can arrange a cute tea party at home with your partner and talk about good ole days.

When you’re visiting your ultrasound baby scan clinic for early pregnancy scans, be safe and do not step out without wearing a mask. Now, you can book your baby’s fetal health check scan from Ultrasound Baby Scanning Services Peterborough.

Know Ways To Deal With Headaches During Pregnancy

Headaches During Pregnancy

Headaches are common during pregnancy and can be difficult to deal with if it occurs frequently. They usually happen during the first and third trimester of pregnancy. If you get severe headaches then do not delay seeing a medical professional. Well, there are many causes for pregnancy headaches, like stress, anxiety, dehydration, insomnia, pregnancy hormones, sinus, migraines, and so on. In case of underlying diseases, like sinus and migraines, you should take note of your prescribed medications.

Let me show you some ways through which you can get respite from headaches during pregnancy.

Eat small and frequent meals:


If your blood sugar drops you might suffer from a headache. To keep your blood sugar levels in control, consume smaller meals frequently.

Get plenty of rest:


When your body does not get the designated 8 hours of sleep at night it can cause you more troubles than you know, one of which is a headache. So, ensure to sleep well at night and enjoy afternoon naps as well.

Take a warm bath:


This works for me so I hope it works for you too. As we all know, a warm bath or shower relaxes the sore muscles and soothes the mind so whenever you find yourself getting a headache, fill your tub with hot water and pour some drops of your favourite essential oil.

Hydrate yourself:


Dehydration can cause dry mouth and even migraines. Ensure to drink plenty of water and also try fruit-infused water for an extra boost of health.

Drink herbal tea:


Herbal teas can give you some respite from a headache. There are certain safe herbal teas for pregnant women that help alleviate pregnancy headaches, like chamomile tea, ginger tea, lemon balm tea, and cinnamon tea.

Get a champi:



Champi is an Indian term for massage and it really helps with headaches, shoulder and neck pain. Tell your partner to give you a nice head and neck massage while you relax and get lost into the bliss of oblivion!

Hope this helps! Also, visit your doctor and ultrasound baby scan clinic on time! Get exciting baby scan offers from 4D Baby Scan Clinic Peterborough.

Early Signs And Symptoms Associated With Pregnancy

Hello to all expecting mothers in Peterborough. Pregnancy symptoms are different for every woman. In fact, not all women experience the early signs of pregnancy at the same time. Early signs and symptoms of your pregnancy determine that your pregnancy is continuing well. However, to know the exact stage of your pregnancy, you should get regular ultrasound scans from an ultrasound baby scan clinic.

In most pregnancy cases, the first signs of pregnancy start after a few weeks of conception. Let’s discuss the signs and symptoms associated with pregnancy.

Missed Menstrual Cycle

Missed Menstrual Cycle

The earliest sign of pregnancy is missed period. There is a reason why the moment women miss their periods, they consider pregnancy to be the cause. If you miss your menstrual cycle there’s a strong chance of being pregnant.

Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is the most common symptom of pregnancy. Nausea and vomiting can be difficult to deal with but it is an important symptom as it signifies a healthy pregnancy.



Pregnant women are more likely to suffer from constipation due to the high levels of progesterone during pregnancy. Thanks to relaxed intestinal muscle and expanding uterus, the food and waste move slower than usual through your system, thus causing constipation.

Implantation Bleeding


Implantation Bleeding means light bleeding or spotting that happens almost ten days after conception. The reason for implantation bleeding is due to the attachment of the embryo to the lining of the uterus. This is another early sign of pregnancy.

Mood Swings

Mood Swings

Pregnancy is an experience which is similar to a roller coaster ride. Mood swings are part and parcel of pregnancy due to the excessive levels of pregnancy hormones, namely estrogen and progesterone. If you’re pregnant, you will encounter anxiety, depression, sadness, and you might cry on trivial issues.

Changes in the Breast


Hormonal changes during pregnancy have an impact on the breasts as well. Changes in the breasts are one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. As a pregnant woman, your breasts would be sensitive and heavier.

Constant Urination

Frequent urination is something all pregnant women experience during their pregnancy time. It is because of various reasons, like an increase in the urine output and expanding uterus.

You should always get yourself diagnosed from a good baby scan clinic for a healthy pregnancy. If you want to get an online appointment, visit Ultrasound Baby Scanning Services Peterborough.

Mesmerizing Quotes That Beautifully Explains The Joy Of Pregnancy

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart. ~ Hellen Keller

The above Hellen Keller’s quote though not written in the context of pregnancy is still apt as pregnancy is a beautiful experience that needs to be felt with the heart. Is your baby scan clinic’s report the reason behind that beautiful smile? Well then read on this blog which contains mesmerizing quotes on a beautiful experience, pregnancy.

  • Every child born into the world is a new thought of God, an ever-fresh and radiant possibility.” ~ Kate Douglas Wiggin
  • “You never understand life until it grows inside of you.” ~ Sandra C. Kassis
  • Being pregnant was a lot like being a child again. There was always someone telling you what to do.” ~ Emily Oster
  • Before you were conceived I wanted you. Before you were born I loved you. Before you were here an hour I would die for you. This is the miracle of Mother’s Love.” ~ Maureen Hawkins
  • If I had my life to live over, instead of wishing away nine months of pregnancy, I’d have cherished every moment and realized that the wonderment growing inside me was the only chance in life to assist God in a miracle.” ~ Erma Bombeck
  • Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear.” ~ Jane Weideman
  • For this child, I prayed and the Lord has granted the desires of my heart.” ~ 1 Samuel 1:27
  • All the time we wondered and wondered, who is this person coming, growing, turning, floating, swimming deep, deep inside?” ~ Crescent Dragonwagon
  • Being pregnant means every day is another day closer to meeting the other love of my life.” ~ Anonymous
  • A baby is God’s opinion that life should go on. “~ Carl Sandburg
  • Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body, a miracle of wisdom.” ~ Harriette Hartigan
  • Carrying a baby is the most rewarding experience a woman can enjoy.” ~ Jayne Mansfield

Let’s conclude the blog by reminding you to get regular checkups at an ultrasound baby scan clinic in Peterborough.
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The Importance Of 4D Ultrasound Scans During Pregnancy

Going for regular ultrasound scanning sessions during pregnancy is inevitable. Ultrasound scans can be classified into three types:

• 2D ultrasound: shows two-dimensional flat black and white images of the unborn child.
• 3D ultrasound: shows three-dimensional 2D images of the baby.
• 4D/Live ultrasound: displays live 3D images of the baby’s activities.

4d baby scan

Not all clinics in Peterborough offer 3D or 4D ultrasound scans but some 4D baby scan clinics are surely present in the city. Usually, 4D scans are recommended by the medical professionals when 2D and 3D scans become unsuccessful in diagnosing certain birth defects or abnormalities. There’s also one more thing to add, many parents go for souvenir scans which imply scans that do not serve any medical or diagnostic purpose and is purely done for entertainment and collecting keepsakes. They should be strictly avoided because over-exposure to ultrasound scans can do more harm than good in spite of ultrasound scans being safe. Also, an ultrasound scan is a necessary diagnostic tool for the doctors to determine the overall health of your baby, simply going for unnecessary baby scans just to get Instagram worthy scan images is foolish and irresponsible behaviour from parents end.

Let’s now know what medical conditions 4D ultrasound scans can diagnose about your unborn baby:

  • Facial deformities like cleft lip or cleft palate
  • Defects in the spine (for instance spina bifida)
  • Ovarian mass
  • Anencephaly, non-existence of sizeable part of brain and skull
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Foetal Aneuploidy
  • Accurate evaluation of embryonic movements
  • Measurement of adequate amniotic fluid
  • Determining the baby’s position and due date
  • Ensuring sufficient placental blood circulation
  • Subchorionic haemorrhage or haematoma.

On what conditions a 4D ultrasound baby scan makes its place on the pregnancy cards?

• During excessive bleeding or spotting and unusual pain
• Undetermined due date
• Medical history of miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies.

You can have a 4D ultrasound scan during 26 weeks to 32 weeks of your pregnancy. The procedure for 4D baby scan is the same as 2D or 3D ultrasound scans. The scan should last no longer than 15 minutes, it is always advisable for pregnant women to go to an ultrasound baby scan clinic that follows NHS guidelines. Many ultrasound baby scanning services in Peterborough will give you valuable baby scan offers that will provide some financial relief to your pocket.

Top 7 Modern Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Hi pregnant ladies! I hope you are having an enjoyable pregnancy. Did your gender scan report from your gender scan clinic reveal a baby boy? If you still haven’t been through a gender reveal scan, you should plan for one. You’ll find many good baby scan clinics in the beautiful city of Peterborough.

I understand you’re on the lookout for the best name for your little man. So, this blog is dedicated entirely to make you decide the best baby boy name. If you are expecting fraternal twins, of course, you would need to know about baby girl names.

So, without taking your precious time, let’s get started.

1.Bryan (Brahy-an): In British origin, the name describes someone powerful, morally correct, admirable and dignified.

2. Max (mæks): The one-syllable name is derived from the Latin word “Maximus” which means enormous or greatest. Max is widely popular in the UK so give this name a thought.

3. Daniel (DAHN-yahl): “A Daniel has come to judgement”! Remember Shylock’s dialogue in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice? This Hebrew origin name Daniel describes the ideology that the only person who will judge me is God.

4. Felix (FEE-liks): It’s a perfect name which will describe your child as someone who’s born under the lucky star. As, the name is derived from the Latin word “Felicis”, meaning good fortune.

5. Leo (lee-oh): This name is loved by everyone, and the credit goes to the Hollywood star Leonardo Dicaprio! The name means lion in Latin and it is also the namesake of the zodiac Leo.

6. Charlie (CHAHR-lee): A modern version of name Charles, this name is denoted for someone who is a “free man” or someone who makes his own choices and is not restrained by anyone.

7. Jayden (JAY-din): Derived from the Old Testament figure Jadon, this name with two-syllables is meant for someone who is filled with gratitude. Also, Britney Spears has named her son Jayden!

I hope you liked these top 7 modern baby boy names handpicked by me, so do choose your preferred name for your little guy from this list. Never forget to get regular consultations from your OB doctor and also be well-prepared for your regular visits to the ultrasound baby scan clinic. Till then, goodbye and take care of your bump.

Amazing Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For This Father’s Day

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Though pregnancy exhaust mothers in many ways, mothers always are at one advantage when it comes to having a baby as compared to the fathers. They can surprise the to-be dads just out of the blue with a print from a baby scan clinic. As father’s day is almost here, let’s share some amazing pregnancy announcement ideas for the same.

1. Give A Baby Scan Print

Though it is best that you take your partner with you on your baby scan clinics, sometimes you are are just too excited to wait for it. So, wrap up your baby scan report in a box or in an envelope along with some baby stuff and hand it over your husband.

2. Or The Pregnancy Kit

Revealing 2 tiny lines can be so exciting too. So, present the almighty pregnancy strip that is showcasing celebrating news for you. But make sure you get at least 2 tests, to be 100% sure about it, as sometimes these pregnancy home kits might be inaccurate at its first time.

3. Write Cute Messages

You can write a note, informing the same to your husband. It can as simple as ‘happy father’s day’ in a small note or a big overwhelming essay on a big card. There is no right way of doing it, so feel free to do as you like it.

4. Or Whisper In The Ear

Even if you are not really prepared with anything, you can still surprise your husband with the news, cause it is big news after all. So break the news to him, while he is busy working in his laptop or taking lazy yawns right before or after a sleep regime.

No matter which one you decide to pick, make sure to capture their precious reaction on a Handy cam. But best hide it carefully to keep the element of surprise intact. But don’t get too disheartened if it’s not as exciting as you wanted it to be. Give them some time to process it. After surprising them with a life-changing announcement, don’t forget to take them to your subsequent 4D baby scan clinic where they can have a heartwarming interaction with the baby. You can also get to know the gender of your baby and you both can enjoy this announcement together.

Tips For Selecting Best 4D Baby Scan Clinic

Baby scanning is a critical part of the pregnancy journey and almost all pregnant mothers opt for ultrasound scanning or baby scans. The 2D scans or normal ultrasound scanning and more common and widely used scans. However, these are black-and-white scans and the benefits of these scans are limited, even though they fulfil the basic requirements. With advanced technology, it is now possible to establish 3D as well as 4D baby scans. Effective 4D Baby Scan Clinic will provide numerous details about the applications and benefits of 4D scans and steps for choosing the best medical clinics from available options.

Many pregnant women are excited with the prospects of their first baby scans. However, many of them find the typical 2D scans a disappointment since all that comes out of the image is a blurry and grey outline. On the other hand, 4D scans are conducted with advanced technology which focuses on the skin of the baby. Thus, 4D scans will provide images and shape of the nose and mouth of the baby and even can identify if the baby is yawning and sticking the tongue out.

4D scans are same as the 2D scans as no data has been found claiming any negative impact of the scan. However, some precautions must be taken when taking these scans. Many private clinics take more than 45 minutes for 4D scans which should be avoided. Also, taking 4D scans for pure souvenir purpose is not recommended.

Some of the main features to look for when option for 4D scans are:

  • Look for registration and license of the medical clinic
  • The 4D scanning equipment are expensive and those offering very cheap services might not be ideal
  • Look for certifications and experience of medical technicians who will be handling the equipment
  • Opt for credible medical clinics or scan clinics with authentic reviews, referrals and consultation with your doctor.

The most important takeaway from all these is that at any scan clinic, the most essential fact is to ensure that the pregnancy is safe and happy. When going through 4D baby scan clinic, always look for clinics or healthcare providers with full range of services in ultrasound including gender scans, 3D & 4D scans, growth scans and gender scans and all these services are provided with high-quality and affordable images.

All You Need To Know About 6 Week Ultrasound Scan

Ultrasound Baby Scan

Everything about pregnancy is exciting as well as daunting to every would-be-mom. Once they become pregnant, they cannot wait to visit for the first ultrasound baby scan. Especially, it has seen that every would-be-mom wants to visit at their 6 weeks of pregnancy because an early scan gives them a peace of mind.

It is very early to do an ultrasound scan, At the 6 weeks of pregnancy. The doctor generally recommends baby scan around 12 weeks. Today I’m going to discuss some facts about 6-week ultrasound scan, which you need to know.

  • Ultrasound is a scan of your abdomen and pelvic area. However, around 6 weeks your doctor will suggest a vaginal ultrasound. Don’t worry, this is not as scary as it sounds. It will only take 15-20 minutes and it is non-invasive.
  • It is crucial to understand that ultrasound is not X-ray. It is completely safe. The most inspiring part of the ultrasound is, that you can see your baby growing inside and will find out if you are having a boy or girl.
  • If your doctor recommends you an early ultrasound scan at your 6 weeks of pregnancy, it may be to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy is when the embryo attaches itself outside of the uterus.

The Appointment Part

  • You can do a baby scan, even if your doctor might not recommend doing so. You can choose a private baby scan, where you can have your scan at any stage of your pregnancy.
  • Drink plenty of water before going for your scan. Make sure your bladder is full. A full bladder will help you to see a clearer picture of the baby. The expert will rub a water-based gel on your abdomen so, wear easy and comfy clothes.
  • In the earliest stages of pregnancy, ultrasound is done usually via the vagina. Because the uterus is still very small and it is located deep within the pelvis.

During Scan

  • A 6-week ultrasound is very early to get to see the baby. So, if you don’t get to your baby, do not be disappointed. At 6 weeks of your pregnancy, your baby will look like a bean.
  • During your ultrasound, you might able to see your fetal heartbeat, which might be sound very ailing. It is depending on the instruments they are using. If you can hear, it should be beaten from between 90-110 beats per minute.
  • Your doctor will check the shape of the fetal and will measure the development. Make sure you ask every question, you want to know.

Through this time, your baby will develop a lot. Make sure you take proper rest, eat healthy foods and supplements.